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We work closely with other organisations, churches, police, prisons, health/medical professionals, government agencies, homeless shelters, and housing associations.


Our long term vision is to open a day centre. Where those in need can receive, hot meals, refreshments, shower facilities, toiletries, laundry service, advice, support & love, in a safe & supervised environment. Our service users will also have an opportunity to participate in our educational, health & life skills workshops.


We are also aware that many people released from prison, having been on remand or short sentences, do not receive any help/support or after care. We believe that prevention is better than cure. So by liaising with the prison service, we can make contact with individuals due for release, and offer our support & after care. Intervening at such a early stage can limit the risk of reoffending, substance abuse & homelessness.


We are a charitable organization who depend upon those who partner with us & the public for donations & volunteers. We are actively fundraising,& have in place ongoing fundraising initiatives. Our vision for the future of our organization/ministry are extensive. and include becoming an organization that offers a structured support & aftercare system. Which enables our service users to access a wide range of resources, in order to rehabilitate & integrate them back into society.

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